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Three Cards (Rider Waite)

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Death - Upright

Natural end of the process


  • Death depicted as a knight on a white horse
  • Black flag with a white rose
  • The king laying dead on the floor has lost it's crown
  • Priest praying to the dead king's body
  • Young boy has no fear
  • Young girl is surrendering to the unavoidable
  • Boat on a river with strong winds
  • Two towers in the horizon with sunrise in between them
  • Knight and horse marching unstoppable


  • A natural end
  • Time for it to end
  • The old needs to give way to the new
  • Unstoppable change
  • Liberation from the old
  • To renew
  • To let go of the past or present and embrace the new

Nine of Cups - Upright

Cheerful life


  • Man waitting happily on friends to arrive
  • Sitting on a bench
  • Arms crossed
  • Smile on his face
  • Red hat
  • Nine cups nicely presented behind him


  • Satisfaction
  • Waitting happy
  • Being social
  • To share happiness with others
  • Waitting for someone to share your happiness with
  • Passive attitude
  • Emotionally complete