Tarot Card Generator

Three Cards (Rider Waite)

Using all Cards and allowing reversed cards
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The Hermit - Upright

Being true to yourself


  • Grey cloak
  • Holding up a lantern
  • Six pointed star in lantern
  • On a snowed mountain top
  • Walking stick
  • Looking down from the highest peak


  • Wisdom and enlightenment
  • Looking at the full picture from above
  • Helping others to find their path
  • Understanding the whole situation
  • A reference for other people
  • Searching for answers or for the truth
  • High reachable goals
  • Following your star

Justice - Reversed

Not the right decision


  • Goddess of Justice, Astraea or Dike
  • Crown with fortress shape
  • Holding up sword on right hand
  • Holding scale on left hand
  • Red cloak
  • Right foot visible
  • Circle inside a square on chest
  • Square on forehead


  • Unfair and irrational decision
  • Not meditating about what is right
  • Unbalanced
  • Not thoughtful
  • Unfair
  • Not getting what you give
  • Unbalanced relationship