Tarot Card Generator

Three Cards (Rider Waite)

Using all Cards and allowing reversed cards

Four of Swords - Reversed

Action required


  • Knight laying like stone
  • Swords hanging on the wall
  • Inside a sacred place
  • A sword laying below knight
  • Praying hands


  • No pause
  • No meditative state
  • Speak up
  • Time to take action
  • Get involved in the circumstances
  • Focus on the material
  • Not overthinking

Page of Swords - Reversed

No Criticism


  • Young man yielding a sword up in the sky
  • Wearing no armor
  • Unsettling, cold and windy environment
  • Perspective makes him look his is higher than he really is


  • Not being confrontational
  • Not defending your position
  • No criticism or no challenging ideas
  • Low self-esteem, no pride, no ego
  • No new ideas
  • Not seeking for knowledge or growth
  • No action or dynamic energy
  • Unwilling to fight for what you believe
  • No energy to bring change