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Three Cards (Rider Waite)

Using all Cards and allowing reversed cards
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Ace of Pentacles - Reversed

Fortune or luck out of reach


  • Hand appearing from a cloud
  • Heavenly hand holding a pentacle
  • Five pointed star
  • Green garden
  • White lilys
  • Gate through green hedges
  • Path through the gate
  • Distant mountains


  • Good fortune out of reach
  • Not an everlasting value
  • Not an opportunity for material growth
  • No personal enriching experience

Two of Wands - Upright



  • Man holding the world in his hands
  • Staring into the horizon
  • Holding a wand in his left hand
  • Sea, mountains and fertile soil in the background
  • Looking at the world from a safe and solid place


  • Not being part of the action
  • No passion or excitement
  • Staying in the comfort zone
  • Indecisive, hesitant, doubtful
  • Thinking about doing but not taking action
  • Planning but not walking towards your goal
  • Loss of interest and passion
  • Having achieved everything, no interest or need of anything else