Máscara africana Cultura Punu (bw3.12) – Fotografía analógica en Blanco y Negro – Enmarcada

39,00 IVA incluído

Photograph of Puna Mask from Gabon

«Spirits of the Forest» is a homage to African Culture and it’s power and beauty.

Self developed on Ilford RC paper.

Black and white frames avaliable


Información adicional

Peso 0.6 kg
Dimensiones 28 × 34 × 5 cm
Picture dimensions (cm)

15.8 x 21.8



Frame dimensions (cm)

26 x 32

Does the frame have anything to hang it on the wall?


Can the frame sit up right on a desktop?


Hanging hardware?

Not included

Eco-Friendly frame?

Yes, the frame is FSC certified

Developed or printed?

Self developed in the dark room

On which paper?

Developed on High Quality Ilford RC MGIV 25M 24x30cm

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