Caparica, 2018 – 83 x 122cm
Available at Remarkable Treasures, Lisbon

This collage sculpture was create after a day at Caparica beach in Lisbon with pieces found along the shore.

“Caparica” displayed at Remarkable Treasures (Lisbon) together with artworks from Regina Chulam, Teresa Lacerda and Alfred Barye.
Caparica creature, June 2018
63 x 34 x 27cm – Lisbon
Drift wood and tape

Please contact to purchase or for further information. Thanks.

SOLD. Angola 130cm Lisbon 2018.

Made by joining a pair of tied up wooden yokes and an african mask from the Chokwe culture, I represent the forced labour and slavery that occured in Angola during the colonial era.

Detail of “Angola”. Signature and BG stamp

3rd July 2018